Who are we?

In a difficult and ever-changing housing market, good and honest advice is important. We at Rick Real Estate are an accessible and transparent brokerage office located in the heart of the Regentessewartier. With our knowledge of the current market we can give you this advice.

With more than 25 years of experience in Real Estate, we can assist you with all your issues regarding purchase, sale, rental, management and valuations.

So feel free to call us on 070 - 346 64 97 or visit our office at Regentesseplein 229 in The Hague. We are happy to help you!


Our services

01 Sale
02 Purchase
03 Valuations
04 Rental / Management




TeKoop RREThere is a lot to consider when selling your home. We are happy to help you make the right choices so that the sale is as successful as possible.

Some aspects are:






RRE Div 01Buying a home is often an exciting affair. This starts with the search for the ideal place.

Quick information about the current offer increases the chance of success. Via a search, Rick Real Estate can always inform you immediately when a home is offered that meets your wishes and requirements. The presence of your own real estate agent during the viewings guarantees a professional and objective assessment of the property.

When you come to a positive opinion with the advice of your broker and your own considerations, you can start negotiating. The knowledge and experience of your real estate agent will help you to do the right offer. When you decide to purchase, we will guide you until the day of signing at the notary. The house is then officially yours. Even after that, we remain your real estate agent and you can always contact us with all your questions!





A valuation assignment may be required for:

Our rates for a NWWI validated valuation:

- residential house
- apartment/apartment right
- additional costs for renovation
- additional costs for rented condition

We can provide the above valuations from €695,- including 21% VAT


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Rental / Management

TeHuur RREDo you want to rent out your property? We are happy to help you with the following steps:

Rick Real Estate has the knowledge to support you in this. We use a Real Estate App that provides, among other things, more insight and transparency to the owner and makes it easier for tenants to report a malfunction.

This prevents noise or unnecessary communication.

The following consumer conditions apply to all relations of Rick Real Estate, click here